Oppose SOPA and PIPA

Hi friends, sorry I have not written for so long.

For the rest of today Sports Club Stats is turned off to protest SOPA and PIPA (learn more at Wikipedia.)

Note I sent my senator:

The internet is the goose that lays the golden eggs.
It also allows US copyright laws to be broken.
But we can not allow SOPA and PIPA to fluster that goose.
We have to sacrifice our copyright holders and change our copyright laws.
Our future is in those eggs.

And how I really feel:

Are you nuts? Don’t fuck with the Internet. It is a good thing. All the bad things you imagine about the internet are nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to how good it is. It is short term wasteful and long term futile to try and control the internet. The RIAA can kiss my ass. They remind me of the priests who got all frantic when William Tyndale first mass produced an English bible. Oh my, read a bible without going through a priest.
They burned him at the stake.