Playoff probability sites

  • Sports Club Stats is my favorite :)
  • Baseball Prospectus computes MLB playoff chances 3 different ways.
  • does a bunch of sports, including racing and NCAA Hockey.
  • does NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. Last I checked they were on hiatus.
  • does the NHL, plus a plethora of hockey stats.
  • Hockey Numbers does the NHL and has a bunch of other stats.
  • has a downloadable spreadsheet you can use to list every “what needs to happen” scenario for your team to make the playoffs. It doesn’t yet factor in tie-breaking rules, and since it looks at all permutations it only works 2-4ish rounds out.
  • The defunct did a bunch of sports. Eric, its creator, stopped updating it around 2004!  When asked why, Eric responded “…dog followed by kid” :)
  • Playoff Time was my first stab at Sports Club Stats, with 06 NHL and MLB, and some Word Cup throw in for kicks.

Sports stats

The Hardball Times is chock full of stats.
I use a formula developed by Alan Ryder at Hockey Analytics. has lots of great Hockey stats.
Look it up in the hockeyDB.
Hockey Analysis and Statistics Behind The Net.
The Book has great baseball stat info, a blog, and all kinds of rankings. visually shows you how the season is progressing, like the carnival game where you squirt water to make your horse race to the finish.
Baseball Musings, home of the Day by Day Database.
Like the Reds, like stats? Check out On Baseball & the Reds.
Say hi to Brian at Advanced NFL Stats.
Jerry Palm is the king of RPI. Ken Pomeroy shared that title before 2009.

Painfully out of date list of friends who have championed Sports Club Stats.

Jim Kelley, hockey writer extraordinaire. Jim past away in 2010. I was in Jim’s life for all of 20 minutes, and I am a better person for it.
Everyone on reddit. When I procrastinate, I read reddit. I guess what I’m is saying is I read reddit.
Pierre LeBrun, Hockey Night, ESPN, and Def Leppard fan.
Craig Custance talks hockey for ESPN.
Say hello to James Mirtle at The Globe and Mail.
Bruce Garrioch is OffThePosts.
Jesse Spector at SportingNews.
Barry Petchesky at Deadspin.
Wayne Scanlan, The Hockey Scanner.
Steve Zipay covers the Rangers at Blue Notes.
Rick and Jane at the Rangers Report.
Hockey stats and Oilers talk at mc79hockey.
Al Balderas at Ducks Blog.
Ducks, Kings, Sharks, it’s the Battle of California.
Florida Panthers Litter Box Cats.
Say hello to Eric at PanthersHockeyDotNet.
Penguins discuss the Faceoff-Factor.
Just Crash The Crease to find all things NHL.
David Climer talks Tennessee sports
Mike Harrington at the Sabres Edge.
Tim Schmitt talks Sabers at the Niagara Gazette.
The Nasty Boys rule the Dayton to Lexington corridor.
Dodgers fans read it hot from the Baseball Toaster.
The Dodgers are so named because you use to have to dodge trolleys to get to Eastern Park in Brooklyn.
Dodger Sims predicts today’s games.
Lots of good stuff on Ben Maller’s site.
Read about the Tigers on The Detroit Tigers Weblog (est. 2001) and Bless You Boys.
Everybody wants more Signal to Noise.
Kansas City fans read the Royals Review.
Want to read about the Blue Jays? Check out Jays Nest.
Cradle to grave Sox fans read Sawxblog.
Nothing stopping the Red Sox Monster.
Red Sox fans, check out FenwayNation.
Everybody Keep Your Sox On.
Boston is the Fire Brand of the American League.
Come all without, come all within, the mighty Quinn media machine.
The indubitable Mr. Black and White.
The perfect storm for Red Sox and Huskies fans, SOX & Dawgs.
Pinstripe Passion, a new look at the Yankees.
Phillies & Pirates fans know We Should Be GM’s.
John tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Phillies at Finger Food.
Go with the Phillies Flow.
Drink it up at Beer Leaguer.
Mike Sielski talks sports in the Wall Street Journal.
Go on a Philly Sports Quest.
A place to read about All Philadelphia Sports.
Dan Steinberg writes about the Nationals at D.C. Sports Blog.
Show your colors at Nationals Pride.
Marlins show their Fish Stripes.
Devil Rays fans congregate on Rays Index.
A site for the Cubs Faithful, Chicago Cubs Online.
Spend you days in Wrigleyville.
Another Cubs Blog, and Baby Bears – Yet another Cubs Blog
Who is that wonderful Texas gal out in Center Field?
Get the lowdown on the St. Louis scene at Inside STL.
Displaced (or not) Cardinal fans roost at Cardinals Diaspora.
The ultimate community, Cards Clubhouse.
All the St. Louis sports are in Saint Louis Sports Magazine.
Texas fans roam on the Rangers Blog.
The one stop shops for The Cleveland Fan, always Waiting for Next Year.
Diamondbacks slither in the AZ Snake Pit.
Fanster has Arizona covered.
In Section 132 Row 15 Seat 14 resides the author of Diary of a Diehard and Now Hitting.
Are you a member of the Twins Nation?
Follow along the Baseball Evolution.
Say Hi to A.J. at AJ’s Sports Blog.
Mets fans love to talk about Mostly Mets.
I Hate the Mets
It’s a Braves News World.
Nothing like a friendly rivalry, the spice of live, Go Mets Die Braves.
Padres and sabermetrics fans follow the Friar Forecast.
Brewers fans never tire of Al’s Ramblings.
Giants fans Say Hey.
Find baseball literature at Bugs & Cranks.
John Skilton’s Baseball Links has every baseball link in the universe, including this one. :) has sports results and sport betting information.
Eagles fans bleed green.
Pittsburgh fans can never get enough mini ponies.
Hurricanes wreak havoc in Canes Country.
Philadelphia listens to Harry Mayes and Jamie Yannacone on Sports Radio 950.
Joe Ovies calls it like he sees it.
And there is always Mr. Irrelevant.
Get on your Geek Soap Box and tell it like it is.
Life is an Epic Carnival.
Say hello to my friend from São Paulo at the Blog do Fábio Seixas.
Sporting news web 2.0 style on Yardbarker and ArmchairGM.
The fantasy sports blog, Fake Teams.
Find out The Buried Lead.
Cook up something good at Sweet Lou’s Baseball Lab.
The Benchwarmer, funny, smart sports writing by Michael Zuidema.
Bert Kassies has everything about European Cup Football.
Watch Live Football Online.
Go RailHawks.
Football club histories and logos, the interesting stuff, at Albion Road.
Can’t stop the Quakes.
Find DC United and the MLS Dogpile at The Fullback Files.

Lots of top notch NASCAR info at Jayski’s Silly Season Site.
All it takes is One Bad Wheel. Thanks for all your help Darren.
Restrictor Plate This buddy.
You better get yourself to church, The Church of the Great Oval.
Go say hello to SNAFAM, the Supreme NAscar Fan Merri.
Nothing beats a little Ranting and Raving.
Say hi to Andreas at the Driver Database.
Who doesn’t love a Tall Glass Of Milk.
Valli tells the story of The Fast and the Fabulous
Talk with Lena about the race at the NASCAR FanZone.
The blog for the fastest 2 hours on radio is Bench Racing with Steve and Charlie.
Hold on, there’s Trouble in Turn 2.
That’s going to get you a Black Flag.
NASCAR fans read the Stock Car Gazette at Motor Sports News.
Laidback Racing, the tailgater’s haven.
Handicapping at Nascapper.
Say hi to Duncan from Kirkcaldy, Scotland at DOCTORVEE.
Formula 1 Podcast: Mundo F1.
After each F1 race Christine and company do a first rate recap on sidepodcast.
Find F1 info, stats and records at Formula 1 complete.
Check out 4mula1 for Formula 1 history and statistics since 1950.
Talk about the race at Champ Car Fanatics.
Follow IRL and Champ Car at
Say hello to Allan at Indy Pro Racer.
Johnson’s Indy 500 has everything under the sun about the Indianapolis 500.
Your source for truck series news and commentary is

Other friends

DJ Charls Wild, just listen.
VegasDave talks stats (and cash) at SBR.
Jeff Pulver at The Jeff Pulver Blog.
John Cox at
George at Brewed Fresh Daily.
Bob Norman at The Daily Pulp.
Rob Gebeloff at Stat Attack.
Stephen O’Grady at RedMonk’s tecosystems.
Dr. Burgess-Jackson at Keith Burgess-Jackson.
John at Mystic Chords.
Gary LaPointe at Gary Said.
Chris at
Eric Berg inspired me with his work putting sports results on the web in XML format.
Duff, Raleigh’s home remodeling pro, at Reconstruct.
Justin, for all your stats help and encouragement. I like his Freakonomicsesque blog Wehr in the World.
Jen, for putting up with me. She creates things too.